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Cendence Remote Controller

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The Cendence remote controller is a professional-grade, customizable remote controller designed for full integration with other advanced DJI products like the Inspire 2 and CrystalSky monitor.

Cendence offers modular components and controls that realize the full potential of Inspire 2 applications. It provides up to five analog control channels with over ten customizable buttons, improving overall control efficiency. Its design offers antenna interchangeability where a high-gain antenna can augment the power of DJI Lightbridge technology, significantly increasing overall anti-interference and image quality. Cendence comes with the fully integrated Cendence Monitor Mounting Bracket and HDMI, SDI, USB, and CAN ports provide robust expansion capabilities.

Multi-Drone Compatibility

Flexible and Efficient Design

Customizable Buttons

New LCD Display


  • Inspire 2 and Matrice 200 Series Compatibility
  • Up to 4-hr Battery Life
  • High-quality Video Transmission of up to 10 Mbps within 4 km
  • 10 km Max Transmission Distance

$ 1 299.99

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