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About us

About us

Drone Action 360 is proud official distributor for the company DJI (Enterprise) in Canada. Our team is bilingual and knows how to meet the needs of all our clients. We are working with the various government and municipal stakeholders to include drones in their intervention strategies. This new market also offers a component for companies wanting to increase their productivity in the field of photogrammetry. Drone Action 360 is your partner to complete your project. We offer:

• Transport Canada TP15263 Ground Instruction

• ADVANCED Flight Test Required for SATP Pilots for Transport Canada

• The sale of DJI ENTREPRISE products adapted to your needs

• Capturing aerial images

• Detection of drones within a radius of 6 km, thanks to DJI’s “AEROSCOPE” device

What makes our strength

Drone Action 360 offers customers a turnkey solution including the training component, the acquisition of your equipment, the establishment of procedures and guidance throughout the process.



The drone world is constantly evolving and especially fast. As it evolves, it constantly discovering new tasks increasingly sophisticated that can be performed using this tool. It allows in addition to performing maneuvers once impossible to do by stakeholders given the risk associated with it.

It is urgent that Canada follows the lead of the many fire departments and police around the world already uses drones. With this new technology you will be able to transmit images in real time to the command post, allow night vision, visual support for informed decision-making, faster response management.



Drone Action 360 is one of the few retailers in North America for the DJI AEROSCOPE. This detection device is available in portable model and for detection over a greater distance, it is offered with fixed antenna and very powerful (detection in a maximum radius of 70KM).



At Drone Action 360, we promote values that are essential to us, such as honesty and loyalty. That’s why we are committed to the following:

  • Offer you solutions adapted to your specific needs;
  • Offer you solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and safety;
  • Offer you a service that exceeds your expectations;
  • Offer you a courteous and diligent service;
  • To offer an open and honest service in all circumstances.

Proud official industrial DJI drones supplier in Canada