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About us

About our company

Drone Action 360 is a company in the field of UAV. With its expertise, it offers ground training required by Transport Canada in order to get the proper knowledge and drone pilot certification, but also in sales and in the caption of aerial images.

Drone Action 360, is the only authorized distributor of the company DJI (Industrial Division) in Canada.

The team is bilingual and knows the needs of its customers.

We work with various government and municipal stakeholders to include drones in their intervention strategies. This new market also offers an opportunity for companies to increase productivity, such as those in agriculture.

Drone Action 360 offers its clients turn-key solution, including a personalized training meeting Transport Canada expectations. We are an enterprise of ground instruction, offering the necessary training to become a drone pilot.

What is the strength of Drone Action 360

We pay attention to the demands of our customers and we make a point in being at the peak of the latest trends in the field of UAVs.

We realized that continuous education is essential in this evolving technology.


At Drone Action 360, we promote values that are essential to us, such as honesty and loyalty. That is why we are committed to the following:

  • offer solutions tailored to your specific needs;
  • offer solutions that meet the highest quality and safety standards;
  • provide a service beyond your expectations;
  • provide courteous and diligent service;
  • To offer an open and honest service in all circumstances.

The Drone in public safety services

The drone industry is evolving constantly and quickly. As it evolves, we discover more and more new complex tasks a drone can undertake. It also allows to perform maneuvers that were previously impossible to do, due to the danger they represented for policemen and firefighters.

It becomes essential that Canada follows in the steps of other fire and police departments in the world, since some of them already use the drone in interventions, in hand with thermal cameras. An aerial support, available in few seconds. Here’s few examples:

  • Image transmission in real time on an external monitor;
  • Allows night vision;
  • Command post support for crucial decision making that could lead to heavy consequences;
  • A faster management of interventions;
  • Enhancement of firefighter’s safety during imminent danger (i.e. on a roof).

Proud official industrial DJI drones supplier in Canada